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Katsumi Komagata


Several layers of papers gives interesting third dimensions. Only one POP SCOPE in the world, handmade one by one.


POP SCOPE exhibitions have been held in Japan and around the world. 


POP SCOPE makes you want to see it nearby because of its mysterious structure. Autographed by Katsumi Komagata. If you are a fan, this is  the work you really want to get.


Carefully selected 44 from more than 80 types. You will get energy from these animals, which seems to be alive as if they are brought to life. 


I have been facing papers because of my work, and I just decorated the prototypes that I made 10 years ago. During the time, they remained the same as when they were made without fading at all. After that, when I tried to display and sell what I had been making from time to time, they were sold out so fast. To be honest, I was surprised. The name of the work series is POP SCOPE. A coined word created from "POP", which feels the light rhythm of pop art and pop-up, and "SCOPE", which means the view or vision. It is such a work that you can easily decorate on the wall or shelf. It looks flat but has depth at the same time, and the layers of colored papers and the three-dimensional effect emphasizes its presence. These are handmade one by one.

Katsumi Komagata

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POP SCOPE by Katsumi Komagata 38.6 x 38.6 cm 
Special frame (UV CUT Acrylic top)  44 kinds of animals 
¥33,000(tax in)¥38,500 for Zebra, Tiger(tax in)Please feel free to contact us.