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Katsumi Komagata established ONE STROKE in 1986. Since then, as "GALLERY KOMAGATA", the company has been presenting its past achievements and future developments in the form of art and design. Since 1994, we been involved in the "1,2,3... KOMAGATA" exhibition, which has traveled around the world, and participated in "SMALL WORLD" at the International Children's Book Fair in Bologna.  "little design: Katsumi Komagata" exhibition (from 2019 at Itabashi Art Museum, Mitsubishi Jisho Artium, Iwate Museum of Art, Ashikaga City Museum of Art, and Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum), and the "Katsumi Komagata: E! hon" exhibition (Ueda City Museum and Ueda City Museum from 2020), participation in the MUJI LIFE in ART Exhibition at MUJI Ginza, and the "Katsumi Komagata Picture Book Design" exhibition at MUJI Shanghai, as well as holding exhibitions in Japan and around the world, and managing exhibition-based workshops. In design projects, we have designed the logo for Fukuoka Dental College Hospital​ and graphics in Kyushu University Hospital Pediatric Medical Center, as well as logos and signage systems for various administrative facilities in Itabashi Ward.

For work requests, please contact us using the inquiry form below or by email or phone.


5-21-20, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0016 Japan

Tel. +813-6432-6108


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