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Katsumi Komagata's drawings is now available in artist fine prints.!
"The arts of this month" is selected every month.
New works for Dec. by Katsumi Komagata from the REAL in SIMPLE series.
4 kinds of animals you can find only this month.

The swans that passed the winter in Ichinoseki's Iwai River,

Katsumi Komagata  sees them off as they crosses north every year.

The book was made from a picture depicting such swans.

This is the story of a swan that is left behind in a flock.


On the Shinkansen moving from Tokyo to Ichinoseki,

The scenery from the window of the train.


This is a book that shows the changing scenery from the train window one page at a time.


The scenery spread out ahead as we headed from Tokyo to Ichinoseki in the rain...


Acute leukemia 11 years ago when he was told he had 2 months to live.
He was hospitalized for 10 months and underwent a bone marrow transplant and returned to work.
In March of this year, Katsumi Komagata was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, and in the process of continuing his work while undergoing treatment, he became keenly aware of the "beginning and end" of things.
In the midst of all this, Komagata made a new attempt for his exhibition in September this year.
The idea was to draw a picture of "the beginning and the end" first, and then to develop the story.
Of the 20 "Beginning and End" paintings in the exhibition, "ALONE" and "RAIN" were the first two books to be completed.

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