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Ai Komagata Director

After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, she worked as a men's designer at Onward Kashiyama Co.
She joined One Stroke in 2013. While taking charge of overall management,  also involved in design, illustration, and book production.

She is in charge of basic design (fashion design) as a teacher at Kuwasawa Design School.

Books "Good Day, today" (2016), "Hands" (2020), "The Hands Touching the World" (2022).

Participated in the exhibition "Flower of Life," commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum in 2022.

Kuwasawa Design School Festival "Fashion Show 2022" Judge.

Past interviews

Podcast  1st


​ほっとする手 / Hands

世界にふれる手 / The Hands Touching the World

Jōhana Maki-e OHARA Jigoemon XVI

This is a collection of works by Jōhana Maki-e OHARA Jigoemon XVI which has continued for 447 years. 
We, ONE STROKE designed the editorial and interviews about the land where his works are produced and his personality.

Direction and book design by Katsumi Komagata
Interview text, editorial design by Ai Komagata
Photograph by Tomoki Hirokawa


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