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photo credit:Eugenia Sierko, Created for Hermès

Face to the real

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. Animals burn oxygen to obtain energy for action. This is also the method used to create a book, called zohon. Information is gathered through interviews and observations, and then condensed into a simple form. Then, we convert them into expressions that affect the reader's mind in the form of interest, and create a form that gives the reader an experience. That is how we create books.

Face to the real

We believe that design is "born" rather than "made". By always facing the target person, we share their field (clients), cultivate them together and propose problems, and the idea and design are what sprout from there. First, go to the site and detect the problem. That is the first step in design.


3 of Design

1. Updated

2. Right on target

3. Far out 

When we propose a design, we always keep in mind the "three types of design. The first is "Updated Design," which is a design that continues and updates the design while respecting what has worked in the past; the second is "Right on target Design," which is a design that hits the right target; and the third is "Far out Design," which is a design that is one step ahead of its time, looking to the future. Designers are constantly required to incorporate these time frames into their designs.

Solve the problem

The design I experienced at CBS and Schecter Group during the time in New York in the early 1980s was problem-solving itself. Unlike Japan, which has a single language, New York is a melting pot of races. In a mixed language, culture and race society, visual language beyond words is an important metaphor in communication. For example, the shape of a star is recognized worldwide beyond language, and the United Nations symbol Dove is drawn by Picasso from the idea of Noah's Ark and is firmly established in the symbol of peace itself. Problem solving by visual methods also has a social effect. In this era, icons are heavily used by young people and are more effective than words. For example, the logo of a company or organization that accompanies a CI plan can be the smallest and largest advertisement depending on its utilization. Successful ones need to be slowly updated in time, but if not, bold changes also create new opportunities.


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