ONE STROKE Co., Ltd Representative Katsumi Komagata Founded in 1986

Graphic design in general. Production and publication of creative picture books. Product development such as cards and calendars. Held the "1,2,3 ... KOMAGATA" exhibition that has been traveling around the world since 1994, and the booth "SMALL WORLD" at the Bologna International Children's Library Exhibition held every spring. Workshop activities and exhibition productions in Japan and around the world.

Ai Komagata Designer

Born in Tokyo in 1989. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design Institute, gained experience as a gentleman brand designer at Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. and joined One Stroke Co., Ltd. in 2013. While in charge of sales, public relations, and production, and overall management of the company, he is also involved in T-shirt design and picture book production.

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