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Logo and promotion design

2019.1.31_ONE STROKE_336.jpg
2019.2.5_ONE STROKE_633.jpg
2019.1.31_ONE STROKE_337.jpg
2019.1.11_ONE STROKE_089.jpg
2019.1.11_ONE STROKE_100.jpg
2019.1.11_ONE STROKE_098.jpg
2019.1.11_ONE STROKE_101.jpg

ZUCCA, a new fashion brand launched by designer Akira Onozuka, asked us to design a logo for a photo of a farm woman, with the idea of creating clothing for working women. In order to create a logo that would capture the image of the photo, we first focused on the letter alignment, and instead of using all uppercase letters, we chose the first letter and the second letter. In order to establish the image from the photo, we first focused on the letter line. We thought that if the letters were all in capitals, the edges of the first and last Z and A would stand out too much, which would interfere with the casual expression, so we adjusted the letter line by making only the A lowercase and aligning the top and bottom of the a with the others.

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