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Many masterpieces! Exhibition of autumn students' works at 造本塾  Jan. 30 → Dec. 10 (closed Sun-Mon)

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting the works of the autumn students who participated 造本塾 at GALLERY KOMAGATA.
These wonderful Giclee books are filled with the individuality of each participant.
Please stop by.

Dates: Jan. 30 → Feb. 10 (closed Sun-Mon)

Parking space is available. Please let us know beforehand.

Application is now available for winter students for 造本塾 KOMAGATA 

Picture books, illustration books, art books, photo books, poetry books, portfolios for your own presentation tools, etc,
A master edition (A5 size, 28 pages) made up of your own materials,the master edition will be created from a single sheet of giclee paper.
A special Giclee book with the same specifications as Katsumi Komagata's "ALONE" and "RAIN" can be produced.
Direct instruction in composition and design by Katsumi Komagata. Color adjustments by a Giclee printer. Special bookmaking by a book craftsman.

Type of course 

A If you can produce the data by yourself 
    ¥50,000 + printing/processing fee ¥12,000 (excluding tax)

B In case the gallery produces the data to be submitted 
    ¥65,000 + printing/processing fee ¥12,000 (excluding tax)

・Extension of course days ¥5,000/day (excluding tax)
・Processing options (die-cutting, etc) for the book are separately quoted.

Parking is available. Please let us know beforehand.
Dates and times: 3 sessions (2 hours each) 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Capacity: 20 people   *Only for individuals.

1. 13(tue) AM
2. 14(wed) AM  
3. 15(thu) AM
4. 16(fri) AM
5. 17(sat) AM
6. 27(tue) AM
7. 28(wed) AM
8. 29(thu) AM

9.   12(tue) AM
10. 13(wed) AM 
11. 14(thu) AM
12. 15(fri) AM
13. 16(sat) AM
14. 26(tue) AM
15. 27(wed) AM
16. 28(thu) AM
17. 29(fri) AM
18. 30(sat) AM

●How to apply
Please choose either A or B from the "Type of course" above,
and select 5 slots for your desired date, including a reserve date.
Please select your preferred date and time, taking into consideration your own production period.
Also, please upload an image of your book in advance to the application form below.

Winter 造本塾 KOMAGATA Application form

Thank you for your message.

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