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Winter - Ianna Andréadis -

Winter - Ianna Andréadis -

The artist book `` Winter '' by Ianna Andréadis, born in Athens, Greece and continuing to express in Paris, will be exhibited at Gallery5610 in Aoyama in 2019 in collaboration with Katsumi Komagata. it was done.
The beautiful, supple, and powerful paintings of the trees are spreading through the forest with transparent paper and overlapping layers.
A unique bookbinding idea bound with leather straps creates a rhythmical page structure, with one picture randomly interlaced, creating a deep forest impression.


Picture / Ianna Andréadis

Binding design / Ai Komagata

Director / Katsumi Komagata

Publish / ONE STROKE
15 × 21cm 24pages

Leather color ... Navy
2,500 yen + tax

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