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The Hands Touching the World

The Hands Touching the World

Aldo Grassini and Daniela Bottegoni, a visually impaired couple who have traveled the world with their hands and encountered diverse cultures and arts. In 1993, they encouraged the opening of the State Tactile Museum Omero in Ancona, Marche, Italy, where visitors can appreciate sculptures by touching them with their hands. Moved by the couple's way of life, Koko Okano of the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, who produced the documentary film "Le mani toccano il mondo," commissioned Ai Komagata to create a picture book on the theme of hands, which was inspired by the film. We hope you will enjoy the rich world created by hands.

Site of the movie "Le mani toccano il mondo"


Created by Ai Komagata

English translation by Koko Okano/ Gina Torry

Published by ONE STROKE

10.5×14.8cm 16pages

460 yen

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