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POP SCOPE 370 large size 45 kinds

POP SCOPE 370 large size 45 kinds

44,000 each (tax included)

※49,500 yen for Zebra and Tiger (tax included)

38.6 x 38.6 x 5cm

Special original paper frame

UV CUT acrylic TOP

KOMAGATA embossed logo

※This works are handmade each animal after we get the order, so it takes about 2 weeks until delivery.


"I have been facing papers because of my work, and I just decorated the prototypes that I made 10 years ago. 

During the time, they remained the same as when they were made without fading at all. 

After that, when I tried to display and sell what I had been making from time to time, 

they were sold out so fast. To be honest, I was surprised. 

The name of the work series is POP SCOPE. 

A coined word created from "POP", which feels the light rhythm of pop art and pop-up, and "SCOPE", which means the view or vision. 

It is such a work that you can easily decorate on the wall or shelf. 

It looks flat but has depth at the same time, and the layers of colored papers and the three-dimensional effect emphasizes its presence. 

These are handmade one by one."


Designed by Katsumi Komagata

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