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PIECE OF MIND <Limited edition of 100 copies>

PIECE OF MIND <Limited edition of 100 copies>

"'Pieces' is a series of works that I  began creating in his studio in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture. In my daily life, I stop at beautiful sunsets and encounter animals in the mountains, on hills, and by the riverbanks. While helping in the fields, I watch over the growth of seeds to seedlings..." Katsumi Komagata


The artist's drawings, vividly reproduced in giclee, are now available in a book with his own words.

Limited edition of 100. 

Published by ONE STROKE 2022

By Katsumi Komagata

Edition No. 

Written in both Jap/Eng

19.6 x 30 cm

30 pages




- To bookstores -

This book is a limited edition and can only be sold on special occasions ​

such as collaborations and exhibitions.

​On request please contact to

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