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"As the moon phases

Life also makes small changes

While sharing everything and everything on earth

Far from the past, until this moment

Life is nurtured and repeated. "

This book is a silent book without characters.

Based on the pattern composed of the border pattern, The holes that open on each page with graphical animals and landscapes change like the phases of the moon.


Katsumi Komagata


18.5 × 29.7cm 32pages

2,500 yen + tax


★Nominated for "Ilustrarte 2021", Portugal, 2021

★Winning for Palazzo delle Esposizioni Museum Special Prize, Italy, 2023


This is an experimental picture book with the theme of ``The way we see colors has their own individuality.''
In Japan, it is said that one in 20 men has a problem with color vision. Despite being so familiar, it has been considered taboo in the picture book publishing world to address this topic head-on. For Mr. Komagata, who has struggled with the way he sees colors differently from other people since he was in elementary school, color vision is now one of the characteristics of individuality hidden in society, and he wanted to write a picture book about it someday. (Go to link)

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