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Every morning walk became a daily routine at the studio in Ichinoseki.

One morning in November, I heard birds chirping in the air.

As I approached, I found a large number of birds, all resting on their wings in the river.

I found a large number of birds resting their wings on the river." Katsumi Komagata

Every year, Katsumi Komagata sends off swans that have spent the winter on the Iwai River in Ichinoseki to the north.

This is a book made from drawings of such swans.

This is the story of one swan that was left behind from the flock.


A5 size (148 x 210 mm)

28 pages of text

Die-cut on the cover and in the text

Giclee printing

Japanese and English

Signed by the author

Created by Katsumi Komagata

Published by KOMAGATA



Please allow 3 weeks from the time of order if the book is not in stock.

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