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POPSCOPE 180 "Snake"

POPSCOPE 180 "Snake"

The layers of paper and the three-dimensionality that emerges from them.

Each piece is hand-cut and assembled one by one.

We are pleased to announce the return of the small-sized animal POPSCOPE, which had been on hiatus for a while.

The mysterious structure of POPSCOPE makes you want to look at it closely.

It makes a great interior decoration for your room or a great gift for your someone.


Special original paper frame

20 x 20 cm, 5 cm thick

There is a hole on the back of the frame for hanging on the wall.

UV CUT acrylic TOP

With embossed logo

Designed by Katsumi Komagata

Please allow 2 weeks from order to delivery.


18,000 yen + tax

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