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In Japan, fate and  destiny represent two lives.

Fate is the life that was originally determined.

The environment in which you were born. Gender, etc.

And Destiny is the life that changes after that.

In 2012, I found acute leukemia

and was told that I had only two months left to live.

It's been 10 years since I received a bone marrow transplant.

I've been blessed with a new life ,so to speak.

Now I've left Tokyo and continue to work in my atelier here in Ichinoseki, facing nature up close.

The book “PIECE OF MIND” is the story that began as a seed .

This story has unconsciously turned into a story about my own destiny.

Limited to 100 copies by artist fine print.



by Katsumi Komagata

Autographed and edition no. by the author

 English and Japanese
19.6 x 30 cm
30 pages

16,000 yen

- To bookstores -

This book is a limited edition and can only be sold on special occasions

such as collaborations and exhibitions.

​On request please contact to

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