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"Small Design Katsumi Komagata Exhibition"  
This traveling exhibition traces Komagata's footsteps from his early days to the present, from the experimental prototypes he created while in the U.S. to his work in music and fashion, as well as idea sketches that inform the process of creating picture books.


<Past exhibition>

Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum 2021.3.6 -- 8.31

Ashikaga Museum of Art 2020.11.14 --2021.1.1

Iwate Museum of Art 2020.9.5 --11.3

Mitsubishi Estate Altium 2020.3.14 --6.21

Itabashi Art Museum 2019.11.23 --2020.1.13

Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum Shizuoka, Japan  2021.3.6 --8.31

Ashikaga Museum of Art Ashikaga, Japan  2020.11.14 --2021.1.1

Iwate Museum of Art Iwate, Japan  2020.9.5 --11.3

Mitsubishi Estate Altium Fukuoka, Japan  2020.3.14 --6.21