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Kyushu University Hospital Pediatric Medical Center Sign Plan 2006 GOOD DESIGN Universal Category Grand Prize Winner

The view in the hospital was the same in every direction. By dividing the color of the railings into blue, red, beige, green, and other colors, the layout of the corridors was made easier to understand. Furthermore, by naming the corridors "Grape Street," "Strawberry Street," "Tsukushi Street," and "Olive Street" after the colors, for example, "Grape Street, Room 623," an address was created within the hospital.
In addition, a picture book titled "Doctor in the Forest" was produced. By linking the graphics of the hospital with the picture book, children can gradually become familiar with hospital life while holding the book in their hands and looking at the pictures on the walls. The size of the book is small enough to fit in the pockets of doctors' and nurses' white coats.

Sign Design by Katsumi Komagata 
"Doctor in the Forest" Book design by Katsumi Komagata

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