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FRONT & BACK no.1, 2, 3

FRONT & BACK no.1, 2, 3

A fun mini cards with various holes are now available in a special box. Recommended as a gift for children.

From 9 types of mini cards in the "FRONT & BACK" series, we chose 6 types of cards that are especially popular . Each special BOX made by box craftsman contains two types of cards.

※Card details ...

When you turn over the card of the cat looking through the hole, a mouse runs away from the hole. You can discover unexpected changes when you return the card, and discover the fun of geometry by combining shapes. It is a set of mini cards that you can play with your own ideas.

no.1… "LINE" "MOTION" Please enjoy various ways of playing, such as posing as the cards or creating a maze with lines. no.2 ... "SHAPE" "SCENE" Even if it has the same shape, it looks different when the position or orientation is changed, which is fun of geometry. Behind the cat looking through the hole is a mouse running away from the hole. Various kinds of animals appear on the cards. no.3… "FACE" "OBJECT" Various kinds of face change by fliiping the cards. You can also discover the fun of the shapes in everyday life.

Box size… 7.5cm X 7.5 cm

Height approx. 2cm

Products arrival on 11/30 We are accepting pre-orders.



on November 20th

and Aoyama SPaTio 5610 on November 22nd Please visit the stores!

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