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Time and dreams

Time and dreams

Goro Matsui, a lyricist who has worked on numerous phrases that once hummed. Katsumi Komagata was in charge of the binding design for the lyrics collection "Friend" in the safe zone that he worked on. Over time, the collaboration between the two has been realized again.


2021/5/1 ~ 5/16 Goro Matsui's exhibition "Overtime Fantasy Sand and Shape -sunatokei-" will be held at Gallery 5610 in Aoyama. Another fantasy world that Mr. Matsui has been working on for a long time. It is a delicate world that expresses words in the form. These unpublished works will spread throughout the venue with the keyword "overtime fantasy". Please take a look at Mr. Matsui's fantasy world.


★ The first 20 people will receive a postcard case designed by Goro Matsui.

We hope you enjoy it with your favorite cards and photos.

* The BOX gift has ended due to its popularity.


Time and dreams

Words / Goro Matsui  Goro Matsui

Design / Katsumi Komagata

Issued / ONE STROKE ・ Ø Ward

18 × 18cm 24pages

2000 yen + tax

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